Your power play




You do not want to miss your sporting activities on vacation, then you are in the right place with us in the Hotel Truyenhof.

Our gym is equipped with the latest Technogym equipment.

- 2x Excite Run

- 1x Excite Bike

- 1x Excite Syncro 

- 1x Skill Row

- 1x Fitnesstower

- 2x Skillbike (with pedal bend & SPD System)

Dumbbells, Wallbars, Exercise belts & Fascia rols


For our cyclists we have something really special with our 2 Skillbikes, a revolutionary Technogym training bike with REAL GEAR SHIFT, developed by international cycling professionals. At the heart of the high end fitness bike is an ingenious ROAD EFFECT SYSTEM, which simulates a deceptively genuine outdoor driving experience by adapting the tread pattern and personal perfomance and GPS data (STRAVA, GARMIN, ZWIFT). Perfect for all bikers in the Truyenhof, who do not want to miss the daily practice session even on bad weather days.