The Regular Guest Club in the 4* Hotel Truyenhof

Welcome from the Jele-Reinke family!

Dear Guests, Dear Friends,

We are delighted to welcome you to the 4* Hotel Truyenhof and look forward to pampering you in every way we know how to. The Truyenhof is a place where guests become friends. It is an honour for us to welcome people from all over the world, who come back time and again too. We are thankful for these special encounters in the mountains.

Outdoor Pool im Hotel Truyenhof in Tirol

We would like to express a special thank-you to our regular guests. Many of whom have accompanied our family and the Truyenhof for decades. And more and more people are joining us – because a holiday in one of the loveliest regions of the Alps is one you will always remember - one you will want to experience time and again.

Look forward to the following bonuses for regular guests:

There are three bonus levels available for you in the Truyenhof (Silver, Gold and Diamond).
As a guest visiting us for the first time we welcome you to our ‘Silver’ area. Top up on loyalty points with each additional stay, in accordance with the bonus level.

An overview of the system:

  • Silver: After you leave, you receive a 2% booking credit note
  • Then the following system applies (within two years):
  • Status: Silver = 2 % (0 – 3999.99 Euro sales)
  • Status: Gold = 5 % (4000 – 8999.99 Euro sales)
  • Status: Diamond = 7 % (from 9999 Euro sales)
  • (1 Euro = 10 loyalty points)
  • Birthday bonus = 150 loyalty points
  • Registration bonus  = 100 loyalty points
  • Recommendation  = 250 loyalty points 
  • Truyenhof Newsletter: Always be well informed with our newsletter
  • Loyalty points are not transferable
  • Loyalty points are only charged for direct bookings
Lounge Bereich im Hotel Truyenhof in Tirol